Police look for 'Vampire' attacker of cabbie

March 19, 2010 5:28:01 PM PDT
Police in Manhattan are searching for a man they say attempted to rob a livery cab driver, by biting him.Mouhamodou Seck, 52, will likely have to wear the scars from the human bite marks for the rest of his life.

"First time, he's talk to me nice. After it's finished, talk to me bad," explained Seck.

Seck says a passenger tried to rob him early Thursday morning on the corner of W. 180th Street and Davidson Avenue.

Seck says the man first whipped him on the head with a gun. You can still see the mark from that blow on his forehead.

The men struggled over the gun. After Seck managed to throw the weapon aside, he says the passenger started biting him, five times to be exact including on his back while Seck leaned over to pick up the weapon.

"The gun fall down. I'm going to pick up the gun. He's in me. He's in me over there," Seck explained, pointing to his back.

Seck first picked up the passenger on E. 130th Street and Lexington Avenue. He says the ride started off friendly enough with the passenger talking about being left with three children after his wife died.

"I'm telling him, I'm sorry," he said.

From words of sympathy to a fight for his life. Fellow cab drivers are now on the look out for this unwanted passenger.

Seck said the biting bandit actually had two guns. One was fake, but the other was real. The robber fled without getting any money.