Mother's boyfriend charged in Bronx toddler death

March 21, 2010 3:40:31 PM PDT
Police have charged a mother's boyfriend with the murder of a 22-month-old girl in the Bronx. "She was doing everything positive, doing the right stuff, I don't know what went wrong," said Chris Moye, a neighbor. Friends say 18-year-old Britney Carter was trying to get her life in order and was back in high school. They say she was focused on taking care of her 22-month-old daughter Sanaa Brewington. The little girl who police say was beaten to death by Britney's boyfriend, 23-year-old Ramel Green. Sources told Eyewitness News, Green admitted he smothered the toddler while they were sleeping here inside a 13th floor apartment. "She was a very petite little girl, cute little girl, I thought she was a very cute girl," said Shirley Osei, a neighbor. Chris Moye grew up with Britney. "She loved her daughter dearly, dearly. Every little bit of money she got, she gave to her daughter, she did as much as she could, did everything for her," said Moye. Green lives in a building on Clay Avenue but often stayed with Britney and her grandmother, Lashawnd, back at the apartment on Colgate Avenue. That's where police responded to a 911 call from Lashawnd early Saturday morning. When they arrived they found Sanaa unconscious. Authorities told Britney her daughter received fatal blows to her torso, had lacerations on her liver, spleen, pancreas and part of her small intestine. Green now faces murder charges, something Chris finds hard to believe, saying even though he was not Sanaa's biological father, he treated her like his own. "When he comes he takes care of the baby, baby sits, takes baby out little stuff like that, when he has money he does for the baby what he can as well, never think he would do anything like that, ever," said Moye.