NYC gears up for parking meter hike

March 23, 2010 3:35:35 PM PDT
New York City's preliminary budget includes a 25 percent parking meter hike in some parts of the city. The current $2 per hour meter rate will increase to $2.50. The hike is expected to generate $12.1 million a year and free up parking spots for other motorists.

The rate increase, set to begin July 1, will apply to regular vehicle parking from Battery Park to 86th Street between Second and Ninth avenues. For commercial parking, the higher rates affect 14th to 60th streets between Second to 10th avenues.

City Transportation Deputy Commissioner for External Affairs David Woloch says the city is facing enormous competition for the available spaces, and the higher rates will help turn over curb space to increase the number of shoppers in the commercial districts.

However, some City Council members, like James Vacca, feel it is just another money maker for the city.

He told the New York Daily News that it's another way for the city to raise revenue, and when added to the "gotcha" attitude among law enforcment when it comes to the issuance of tickets, many motorists are just besieged.