Phony cop preys on residents in Linden

Police in Linden have released a sketch of a suspect who is impersonating an officer and robbing residents.

March 24, 2010 3:33:22 PM PDT
Police in Linden have released a sketch of a suspect who is impersonating an officer. Three times in three months, the phony police officer has forced his way Linden homes in broad daylight, duct-taped the residents and ransacked the homes.

The suspect is described as a clean-shaven, bald black man in his 30s, with a medium build and a police-type badge hanging from a chain around his neck. He usually wears dark T-shirts and dark pants.

The suspect may drive a small green car with out-of-state plates.

Police said he targeted homes near North Park Avenue. After ringing the doorbell, he pushed his way inside, without using any weapons.

The first robbery happened in January, when he broke into a house on the 600 block of Adams Street and stole a Rolex valued at $30,000, four other wrist-watches, other jewelry, a laptop computer, two cell phones and $200.

He struck again on Caroline Avenue in February, stealing a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun and two laptops.

Earlier this month, the suspect took $10,000 in jewelry, $1,000 in cash, a laptop and a cell phone from another home.

In all cases, the victims were able to free themselves after the man left.

Police are urging residents to watch for daytime crimes and to report anything suspicious to police. Linden police are increasing patrols in the area.

Anyone with information, should contact Linden police at (908) 474-8537 or e-mail