Student arrested after 3rd day of evacs at NJ H.S.

March 26, 2010 8:08:45 AM PDT
Detectives working in connection with the school administration have arrested a student for a bomb scare at a high school in New Jersey. The student is accused of bringing three M-80 firecrackers while on school grounds and in the cafeteria at Voorhees Regional High School in Glen Gardner, according to a statement from the district schools superintendent.

Detectives say the student was released to the custody of his parents and has been charged with Juvenile Delinquency Complaints containing the listed criminal offenses: A false public alarm, harassment, possession of paraphernalia and possession of fireworks.

The scare caused the school to be evacuated -- the third day in a row that students had to be cleared from the school.

The school will take added safety precautions when classes resume today -- including locking all bathrooms. But hall monitors will be able to unlock the restrooms for students with a hall pass.

Also, students will not be allowed in the building until 7:35 a.m.

Police are investigating the incidents. "I'm not happy at all," one student said.

"It's getting ridiculous," said another.

Students at Voorhees High School are not pleased, to say the least, after three straight days of evacuations, lock downs and bomb threats. It all started Monday with a note found in a bathroom that read, "Boom."

Superintendent of schools Dr. Charles Shaddow says life as an educator is different now since Columbine, 9/11 and several campus shootings.

"Bomb-sniffing dogs were called in from as far away as Union City," he said.

Nothing was found Monday, or even Tuesday after another note was found and kids were sent out of the building again.

But it was different on Wednesday.

"A couple of kids found two M-80 firecrackers under a table," Shaddow said.

That prompted a lockdown and hours more out of school.

"I was pretty scared yesterday, because we were locked down and they don't tell you what is going on until you get home and figure it out," senior Kevin Ritz said.

Ritz says investigators from the prosecutors office wouldn't let anyone take their car off campus until the dogs could get through them.

"I know a lot of who of kids who couldn't go to work the last couple of days because they didn't have their cars," Ritz said. "We all need money to get around. I mean, I have no gas for the rest of the week."

Police think only a handful of people are to blame, and they may already have one person in custody. Either way, senior Brody Crowley has a message for those responsible for making him stand outside for hours in the rain.

"Tell them to grow up," he said. "I mean they are in high school now. We don't have time for stupid stuff like that."