Gang roundup in Huntington, Long Island

March 26, 2010 2:25:29 PM PDT
More than a half dozen gang members on Long Island are off the streets tonight, as police say they were arrested in a gang roundup. The gang problem on Long Island even has the FBI involved.

In communities like Huntington Station, the increasing violence of gangs has crept closer and closer to home.

"There was a shooting down the street, there was a shooting around the corner at the train station, so it's scary," says Heather Stock.

Parents at an intermediate school, are on the edge of fear with several recent shootings nearby, one in broad daylight, right around dismissal time.

Police blame gang warfare, most notably, the Latin Kings which authorities say have laid claim to this community.

Friday, police announced they've decapitated the so-called Latin Kings tribe of Huntington. The said they have arrested seven men and one child, believed to be the kingpins of this violent gang.

In recent months, cops have confronted an escalating cycle of gang violence that's placed at least four Suffolk County communities under the gun. And police have some high octane help.

"Long Island like a lot of communities has a significant gang problem," said Special Agent Michael Ferrendino.

Ferrendino is a supervisory special agent with the FBI, and is part of a joint gang taskforce that busted the Huntington gang using federal statutes that enhance their penalties if convicted, and keep them off the streets longer.