East Flatbush residents face longest commute

March 29, 2010 3:37:25 PM PDT
A new report out shows that people living in East Flatbush, Brooklyn face the longest commute to work or school in New York City."Early in the morning you'll get there faster, after 10, you wait a long time to get a bus," said Myrle Clery, a commuter.

It's a fact most people living in East Flatbush have begrudgingly come to accept.

It takes people living there longer to get to work than anyone else in the five boroughs.

By the time they've gotten from point "A" to point "B", Eyewitness News at 5 is almost over.

Carol Gladden's husband works at Rikers Island, and his commute sometimes takes him two hours each way.

"He takes the 5 to Lexington, and then another train, and then of course a bus after that, and then a bus to the island," explained Gladden.

Researchers at NYU's Furman Center looked at data from 2008 and confirmed what many residents in the area already know.

People living near the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, spend about 48 minutes commuting each way.

Those living near Brownsville spend a little more than 47 minutes and people in Queens Village also spend about 47 minutes.

Christine Brown counts on a 45 minute journey from East Flatbush to Canarsie one way each day, and she comes prepared.

"I sit and read, doing exams now so I study as I'm on my way to work," said Brown.

The shortest one-way commute is for people living near Chelsea.

It's just a 24 minute commute to most places, followed closely behind by Greenwich Village and Stuyvesant Town.

Although most New Yorkers use public transportation, those who walk and drive were also included in the study.