Mortgage mess

Seven On Your Side
March 29, 2010 2:52:48 PM PDT
She's an architect who's helped build scores of homes. But now - the struggling businesswoman is trying to save her own house from foreclosure after she says her bank tried to literally run her out of town - that is until 7 on your side stepped in. "It's ridiculous. It's gotten me ill." Amagansett homeowner, Eva Growney's talking about foreclosure notices she's been receiveing since last year from her mortgage company, Chase.

"It's exasperating. The phone rings all the time because I'm always getting threatening phone calls," the Hampton's homeowner.

At issue? Two mortgage payments, one from last April, the other from August totaling more than $4,890. Chase says they're both owed. But Eva and her business partner, Michael O'Sullivan, say both were paid months ago, when they were originally due.

"We have our receipts that we paid the mortgages," says Michael. "This is not like we made up a story. All they had to do was see it, correct it."

Now, the East Hampton's architect that designed such elaborate homes is desperately trying to save her own house and her credit rating.

"She's a single woman trying to make it," Michael says about his partner. "You need credit. So they've destroyed her credit."

Eva thought the problem was solved last December. When she got a letter from Chase saying it had applied the missing payments.

But then earlier this month? A Chase debt collector sent out a letter asking her for the very same mortgage payments. But now the debt grew to $5,146.

So 7 On Your Side contacted Chase. And after a flurry of phone calls, Chase finally apologized for it's error and credited the two lost mortgage payments as sent on time.

Finally, her mortgage was corrected. And Eva and Michael were breathing easier.

"In that aspect we're appreciated of Channel 7 and you guys."

Chase also said it had contacted the three credit reporting bureaus asking them to update Eva's account as being current and wipe the delinquencies off her record. Chase wouldn't tell us what cause the problem, citing customer privacy concerns. Chase also credited Eva a $300 payment that had gone missing from her home equity loan.


Story by: Nina Pineda

Produced by: Steve Livingstone