Make beautiful arrangements at "Flower School"

March 29, 2010 3:26:53 PM PDT
You can learn to make beautiful flower arrangements at the "Little Flower School" in Brooklyn.On a rather dull stretch of Red Hook, you can find a burst of color.

"We have some really beautiful flowers to work with," said Sarah Ryhanen, one of the owners of the "Little Flower School."

Nicollette Owen and Sarah Ryhanen are floral designers.

They are sharing their know-how at the "Little Flower School."

You go in to the class and begin by selecting your flowers, but it can be a little overwhelming.

"Look for something inspirational or that you're really attracted to and that can be your starting point," explained Ryhanen.

Once flowers are amassed it's time to learn some techniques.

"You always want to start your arrangement with a solid foundation," said Nicollette Owen.

A web of greenery, then add key or face flowers.

Then you can finish your bouquet off with some wispy gestures.

"You sort of have to count on happy accidents happening," said Ryhanen.

Lots of practice can pay off, say their students.

"I started playing with flowers and now I'm making things I'm really happy with," said Ryhanen.

There really is no bad outcome.

"What's really fascinating is they all have the same things to choose from but at the end, everyone's arrangement is completely different," said Owen.

After a 4 hour class you have a beautiful arrangement to take home.

"Flowers just make people happy, and being able to share what we know with people who haven't had an opportunity is really fun," said Ryhanen.

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