Wedding dress store closes, brides want answers

March 29, 2010 8:31:48 PM PDT
A wedding dress store in New Jersey allegedly jilted dozens of brides out of their dresses.Kristal Stevens is getting married on May 22nd.

Last fall, she found the perfect wedding dress, which was strapless and beaded.

She paid Enzo Bridal in Manalapan, New Jersey $860 as a deposit on the dress, veil, and head piece.

But, when they failed to schedule her for a fitting, and when they stopped taking her calls, she went to the shop Sunday only to discover a sign on the door.

"The shop is closed, so I'm completely freaking out, I'm crying," described Stevens.

It's not clear how many dozens of brides-to-be have been jilted by the shop.

But with many spring weddings just around the corner, most won't be able to reorder or come up with the extra money for another dress.

Eyewitness News has learned that the owner, Steve Mondello is deeply in debt and is considering bankruptcy.

He has hired a lawyer who told Eyewitness News, "I have been retained by Enzo to facilitate the invoices for their existing customers, between them and the dress makers."

"I don't understand how someone stayed in business this long, he was a thief to me," said Kimberly Lawrence, a former Enzo customer.

Lawrence knows Enzo never ordered her silk dress, and is now praying that she'll be able to find something to wear down the aisle.

"A dress is a very special part for the bride, it's almost like falling in love," said Lawrence.

"My dress is gone, everyone's dress is gone," said Stevens.

It turns out the Better Business Bureau had already given Enzo's their worst possible rating, an F.

That's little consolation to the dozens of unsuspecting brides who came to the store hoping to leave with their dream dress.