School gets students ready to work in transit

April 5, 2010 3:07:00 PM PDT
Some New York City students are getting real world training and use of the latest technology. It might look like a repair facility for subway trains, but it is actually part of a classroom at Transit Tech High School

"I believe that I'm equipped with the necessary qualities to perform in the Transit Authority," student Jeff McClellan said.

The Transit Tech curriculum includes working with the latest electronics of our mass transit system.

"I like solving problems with electrical, and getting down to the basic problems of electrical," student Tashna Forrest said. "And I just love doing this."

Originally founded as a general vocational school, Transit Tech began focusing on mass transit technology in the mid 1980s.

"We have students that over the years have gotten into the Transit Authority," teacher Anthony Coopers. "And work in the signal department, they work in the power department and they work in the maintenance of equipment department."

The real world training and equipment and technology all make a difference, because some students graduate from Transit Tech ready to go to work for the Transit Authority.

Graduates are expected to earn Regents diplomas.

"Our students are learning not only all the academic rigor that goes on in any other academic high school, but they are learning these hands-on skills which are directly transferable into the workplace," said principal Larry Kalvar.

Apprenticeships come before graduates work on actual transit equipment, but they do have a head start.

Transit Tech administrators say that whether or not graduates go to work for the Transit Authority, they have skills that will never go to waste.