DailyCandy offers wedding help for brides to be

April 7, 2010 9:06:06 AM PDT
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and brides may be searching for ways to make their big day unique. Now, a trendy Web site is offering help in the form of weekly e-mails in their inbox.

The editors of DailyCandy found that their readers love when they write about wedding-related topics. And of course, those readers specifically are brides to be. And if you're one of those, DailyCandy has you in mind.

"Every bride wants her wedding to be just hers," editor Danielle Kyrillos said. "Totally different, totally out of the ordinary."

So the ever-popular DailyCandy site now offers DailyCandy Weddings. Subscribe, and once a week, you get an E-mail that highlights a great idea for your wedding.

They include information about a brand new venue in Brooklyn called Skylight One Hanson.

With 63-foot high ceilings, a gold mosaic above and cocktails in the vault, the space makes use of its previous tenant - a bank.

Of course you'll need flowers, and Nicolette Owen works out of a small space in Brooklyn to create seasonal arrangements that brides and their grooms will love.

For a stylish bridal party, check out Butter.

Nadiya Tarr designed her first wrap dress for herself, and it turns out the dress is versatile. It can be ordered online. One size fits all.

And your bridesmaids won't complain about the $355 dollar price since they can wear it again and again. So before you walk down the aisle, sign up for for a weekly dose of DailyCandy Weddings.

And the weekly E-mails that you'll receive are free. Many of the vendors are online or locally based. To sign up, visit DailyCandy.com/weddings.