Jewelry shops raising money for Central Park

April 7, 2010 3:32:08 PM PDT
Some store fronts on Madison Avenue are in bloom, decorated with flowers from Central Park.Buying jewelry at the decorated stores, will help make the park even prettier.

It's all hands on deck on Madison Avenue, where the cherry blossoms are exploding, right next to the diamonds, jasmine is tucked in with the tulips.

Florists are busy transforming store fronts along this premiere stretch, in time for the launch of the first annual platinum jewels in bloom.

For the next two weeks, 32 boutiques from 57th street to 86th will host parties with a purpose.

"Madison Avenue is famous for it's luxury jewelry brands, we also have brands at all price points but are focusing on beautiful, beautiful jewelry," Matthew Bauer of the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District said.

10% of the proceeds from sales each evening will go to the Central Park Conservancy.

The money will be used for upgrades and new equipment at the park's 21 playgrounds.

"It's the first experience a kid gets in central park is the playgrounds and that emotions carries with them for the rest of their lives and eventually they'll go and explore the rest of the park," said Douglas Blonsky of the Central Park Conservancy.

Central Park is considered the crown jewel of New York City's parks.

35 million people visit Central Park each year, and right now it is in full bloom.

During this 10 day show, you'll gaze and soak up the scent of arrangements that mirror the same flowers that are growing right now in the park.

Inside Graff, the sky is the limit where a crew went to new heights making sure you get lost in loads of flowers and trees.

"You're going to see the crabapples, you're going to see the cherry trees, daffodils, tulips, you name it, it's out there," said Blonsky.

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