Mexican immigrant beaten in Staten Island

April 8, 2010 4:10:10 PM PDT
Police say at least four men shouted anti-Mexican slurs as they viciously beat a man returning to his home on Staten Island.

The surveillance video shows the scene in the moments before the attack, with the suspects seemingly stalking the victim on his way home. They are carrying baseball bats and two-by-fours. Another appears to be draping a chain across his shoulders.

They hide behind a building, head back down the street, circle-around and, finally, come running.

What you don't see is the brutal beating that took place just off camera. But it is clearly visible what happens next. The alleged attackers take off across the street, carrying their bloody bats and chains into the night.

The incident happened early Monday morning. And after more than three days, the suspects remain at large.

The victim, a Mexican immigrant, was just returning to his tiny apartment.

Immigrant rights activist Terry Troia knows the victim and says he is a baker at a shop in Port Richmond. His name is Rodulfo Olmedo, and the 26-year-old was listed in stable condition Thursday afternoon at Richmond University Medical Center.

Marta Carrion works with Olmedo and admits she's often afraid to walk the streets.

"We are all afraid around here," she said.

Although the attackers appear to be African-American and Hispanic, Latino advocates say it is appropriate to investigate the assault as a hate crime.