Should students and teachers be friends on Facebook?

April 8, 2010 3:13:48 PM PDT
New technology is great for keeping in touch with friends, but it's also creating a whole new host of issues for police, judges and schools. Now, one school district is considering a ban on Facebook friendships between teachers and students. The school district in Salt Lake City Utah is voting on whether or not to ban teachers and students from "friending" one another.

One student said, "It can potentially be a good thing, like a mentor."

But if you ask parents and you might hear something different.

"I think it's just too informal," said one parent.

Other parents suggested that teachers and students are two different things, and you have to draw the line.

That's along the same lines as what this salt lake city principal is saying:

And another point from one student in Salt Lake City says Facebook helped him.

"I had a paper last week and told my teacher I'd get it to him online and so it was on time because of Facebook," said Gavin Salisbury.

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