White Plains Mayor arrested again

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley has resigned months after conviction.

April 8, 2010 3:41:05 PM PDT
White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley has been arrested again, charged with tampering of a witness, harassment, and contempt of court. The District Attorney says Mayor Bradley went to his wife's residence and accused her of lying about the original incident, as she's set to testify in his trial.

The mayor had been charged with domestic battery of his wife, his wife claiming that he had abused her for years, even pushing her down a flight of stairs in the couple's home and banging a door on her hand repeatedly.

Prosecutors now say the mayor tried to intimidate his wife into changing her story and harrassing her.

The papers released by the City Court alleges that Mayor Bradley barged into his wife's bathroom while she was in the shower, and shouted that more e-mails had come out about the original incident. The papers say the victim, Bradleys wife asked the defendant to wait until she dried off, and the mayor then screamed "its over, its over, you should hang yourself." This once again caused the victim to feel fearful.

Bradley's wife Fumiko, said in the original criminal complaint, that Bradley physically injured her by, "grabbing her left arm and placing her hand against a door frame" and that "with his other hand (he) closed the door on his wife's hand, causing pain and bruising to her left middle finger". "I have to set the record straight. I did not mistreat my wife in any way. There have been problems in my marriage for some time and I have made many efforts to deal with them. At this time my thoughts are with my family and our two beautiful daughters," said Mayor Bradley.

The mayor was arraigned Thursday, and pleaded not guilty. He was later released.

An order of protection was signed today, saying the mayor can't go anywhere near his wife.