Young whale stranded on Long Island dies

Washed up on a Long Island beach on Tuesday. Experts don't expect the young whale to live.

April 9, 2010 12:40:35 PM PDT
A young whale stranded for three days at a New York beach has died.

A necropsy will be done in an effort to determine what made it sick, officials said.

"It will take awhile to get test results (of the necropsy) to determine why the whale stranded itself. Samples will be sent out to diagnostic labs for pathology, and will also look at the effects of the drugs we administered," said Mendy Garron, NOAA Northeast Marine Mammal stranding coordinator.

The whale was found Tuesday in the surf in East Hampton on eastern Long Island. It was already weakened and unable to free itself. Marine scientists said it could not survive on its own.

NOAA confirms a sedative dart is missing. An attempt to sedate the whale with a sedative fired, ricocheted into the surf. NOAA is working with public health officials to determine what to do if someone finds the dart. NOAA is warning not to touch it if it comes ashore.