Never too young to learn

April 9, 2010 3:04:14 PM PDT
You're never too young to start learning, and now one school program teaches the basics of math to toddlers. Because it's so fun, they probably don't even realize they're learning.

The class if offered at Corpus Christi Catholic School.

Games provide the key to what is called, toddler math.

"So we can learn how to count numbers and learn to do math," said Leanne Ohian.

Experts say counting while playing comes naturally to kids. Suzanne Mir has taught toddler math for years. "All the things that you want to expose kids to get them ready for kindergarten are right there in that one curriculum, which we have used faithfully," she said.

The educators who use this system of teaching math to toddlers feel that it has benefits that go beyond simply teaching them how to count.

"Our approach was to say, we need to build math instruction on this knowledge that the kids already have," said Herb Ginsburg, PHD, Professor-Researcher.

Columbia teachers college professor, Ginsburg, wrote the curriculum, and contributed to the book, 'Mathematics learning in early childhood'.

"We developed a curriculum that covers number, operations on number, like adding, pattern, shape, space and measurement," he said.

Studies show that the use of math curricula is growing in the pre-school community.