Big rat problem in Brighton Beach

April 14, 2010 3:03:08 PM PDT
It is a sight that could turn your stomach. Lale Can, who lives on Brighton 7th Street in Brooklyn, is so sick and tired of the rat problem. She decided to take home video of them.

You can see the rats scurrying around at night and on the block, you can certainly see the evidence of rats -- the holes in the ground, holes in garbage cans and the many traps, which don't seem to be working. What's even more shocking is that, Sam Gomon, says they ate through the wire in the engine of his car.

"It was a big, fat rat right here. A dead one," he said, showing us his engine.

It's something people haven't seen here in quite some time. In fact, they thought the city had taken care of this problem in the past.

Residents say the rats started reappearing here in February. That's when a construction project at the 8th Street Bridge disturbed a huge rat's nest underground.

"As soon as the construction started, as soon as the drilling started, there were rats on the block," Can said.

In response, the city's health department released a statement, saying they've done 47 inspections in the area since April 6th. They also say they've baited extensively and that they plan to work with the sanitation department on what they consider "the root cause of the problem... illegal feeding of wildlife."

In fact, a spokesperson told us that numerous pieces of bread were found around the area.

Meanwhile, residents are frustrated, even afraid to go out at night.

"Now, it's just unbelievable. They walk around like it's their block," a resident named Marcos said.

Residents are hoping the problem is fixed before it gets any worse.