NJ town honors soldier killed in Afghanistan

Ramsey residents plan to line up as Cpl. Michael Jankiewicz's coffin is taken to a funeral home. His funeral will take place Sunday.

April 15, 2010 4:19:13 PM PDT
Residents in a northern New Jersey town honored a U.S. Army Ranger who died in a plane crash in Afghanistan. "Michael was a soldier from the time he was 3," said cousin Scott Heuer, He added, "We all knew he was going to be a soldier. That's all he talked about."

Young mothers, senior soldiers, shoppers, workers and patriots all paused, and lined Main Street in Ramsey to see U.S. Army Ranger Michael Jankiewicz' body home for the last time.

"And give him the honor he deserves for serving out country and fighting to keep us free," said Christopher Botta, Mayor of Ramsey.

They stood for a young soldier and local son, who died during his second tour in Afghanistan. Michael served two tours in Iraq too, and he was just 23-years-old.

"God bless his family and for what he's done for the country," said Tina Lanning.

His family is devastated and proud. Michael was the soldier he'd always hoped to be.