Artwork looks like man ready to jump off Empire State Building

April 15, 2010 2:32:42 PM PDT
It might be art, but it sure looks like a person ready to jump off the Empire State Building. The statue, one of several perched on New York City buildings with the support of Mayor Bloomberg, has caused a bit of panic.

So is it art or a nuisance?

That statue is part of an art exhibit, that the Mayor calls a must see.

"It's a great exhibit, it's one of those things that gets publicity around the world and brings tourists to New York," said Bloomberg.

The problem is, it's bringing cops to the Empire State Building. Critics say the 911 calls drain resources from real emergencies.

The metal man was put on the ledge of the Empire State Building as part of Artist Antony Gormley's event horizon art exhibit. You'll see them on dangerous ledges around midtown and Madison Square Park.

The exhibit is getting attention...but perhaps not the kind of reaction the artist wanted.

NYPD officials acknowledge that the department has received fewer that 10 calls to 911 about possible suicides since the installation of the exhibit on March 26th, three regarding the Empire State Building.

The art project will remain on that ledge until mid August.