Consumer Reports: Don't Buy stroller warning

April 16, 2010 2:50:15 PM PDT
Consumer Reports has issued a "Don't Buy" warning for three children's strollers. The consumer watchdog group says the strollers pose a safety risk to children.

The directive comes after the strollers failed Consumer Reports testing.

The three strollers that Consumer Reports is saying don't buy are, the Valco Baby Tri-Mode, Tike Tech City x3 All-Terrain Stroller and the Tike Tech x3 Sport Jogging Stroller.

The problem is something many parents might not be aware of.

"The danger here is if the child's torso slips underneath the bar but the head gets hung up," explained Consumer Reports

The American Society for Testing and Materials requires that if there is enough space for the child's body to pass underneath the stroller tray or grab bar, then there must be enough space for a child's head to pass through as well.

Consumer Reports tested the strollers using a ball to represent a child's head.

"This ball should pass through underneath that bar under its own weight. It doesn't so it fails to comply with the industry standards," said Consumer Reports.

So far, the manufacturers of the strollers in question say they have received no reports of any injuries involving their strollers.

Consumer Reports says it will pass its findings on to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.