Teen charged with plotting school massacre

April 17, 2010 6:21:29 PM PDT
Police say the attack would have happened in a few days, on the anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High.On Saturday night, 17-year-old Nathan Myres of North Massapequa, is in custody.

The red flags were certainly seen and students at the high school picked up on it.

Myres had been kicked out of the school quite some time ago. He was no longer living with his family and even his closest friends heard him making threats.

"He went through a lot trouble," suspect's friend Matthew Munson said.

Myres is accused of making the threats to attack his former school, Plainedge High School, in North Massapequa.

Now it seems the 17-year-old is in a lot more trouble.

His alleged plan was to return to the school on April 20th and carry out the Columbine-style shooting with an uzi.

April 20th is 11th anniversary of the Columbine attack, in which 2 students killed 12 others, themselves and injured 21.

"We were eventually able to find a student who directly heard this kind of outlandish, threatening statement," Det. Lt. Kevin Smith of the Nassau Co. PD said.

Eyewitness News also found a friend of Myres who heard he was planning this, but never took him seriously.

"Basically, he was just like, 'yeah, I hate this school,'" Myres' friend Munson said. "I know he's gotten kicked out and he said he wanted to go shoot it up. I was like, that's not really a smart thing to say, you'll get yourself in trouble."

Munson told Eyewitness News that Myres definitely said he wanted to shoot up the school before.

Still, the friend's mother, Diane Munson, who allowed Myres to stay with them in the past, thinks he wasn't violent. She believes he was just desperate after being abandoned by his family.

And Myres sent her a text message the other day.

"He said that he hadn't eaten in two days and I tried to reach him. But by the time I got a hold of him, I guess he was already in custody," parent Diane Munson said.

And Myres' girlfriend insists this was all just a rumor.

"I just want everyone to know that he's not a violent person and he wouldn't do anything like that," suspect's girlfriend Alicia Lamb said.

But cops say they had additional reason for concern.

"The student was in possession and showed a group of students that he had possession of a handgun," said Det. Lt. Kevin Smith.

But so far, police have not found any weapons.

Myres' mother is no longer living and his father is currently living in Florida.

Myres is now charged with making a terroristic threat. He remained in custody Saturday. His bail was set at $25,0000.