Cops: LI mom left kids alone to go to bar

April 20, 2010 2:45:17 PM PDT
A Long Island woman is under arrest Tuesday, accused of leaving her children home alone while she went to a bar. Her four year old girl played outside without a care in the world on Tuesday. She's pretty resilient, considering the night she had.

"Katy was crying when I came home. She said, 'Papi, Papi my mom's not here,'" Carlos Cruz said.

Little Katy was outside, standing in the darkness and crying for her mother, Emelia Garcia-Cobos.

Police say she left her daughter and three year old son home all alone to go to a mariachi bar early Tuesday morning.

Andy slept through the whole thing.

"The girl who lives downstairs called me and said my kids were outside crying," Cruz said.

It was 3:40am when Cruz got the call.

He called 911 then rushed over.

By then, he says the 23 year old mother had returned home drunk and the two toddlers had been without adult supervision for four hours.

"That's why I got more upset because you never know. There are a lot of people here, you never know what's going to happen," Cruz said.

Garcia-Cabos did not an offer an explanation as she left the Suffolk County Courthouse, where she was arraigned on charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Even though she gave no answers and showed no emotion, Cruz isn't out to get her.

"I really didn't want her to go to jail. I just wanted to keep the kids," he said.

For him, it's all about his kids.