Learning how to live together under the same roof

April 22, 2010 3:25:21 PM PDT
Moving in with your significant other is a big step and can bring couples happiness, but figuring out how to combine two households can cause headaches. Kristin and Ryan Mason married in June 2009, and like many married couples, they experienced some rough seas living under the same roof. They say the biggest adjustment was closet space.

I used to have two giant ones for myself. Sometimes I still have to go in with a flashlight in the closet to find my suits way back in the corner," said Ryan Mason.

The Mason's experienced normal growing pains, according to Brides Magazine, which says the biggest question it gets from their readers is how to mesh two lives together in one home.

Well Inson Wood has plenty of good advice.

He decorated a penthouse in Lower Manhattan, appropriately named the 'Newlywed Nest'.

It's open to the public and offers endless examples of how to get it right now that you've moved in together.

"My biggest tip to them is to invest your money in furniture you can store things in, clutter is one of the biggest parts of contention," says Inson Wood.

Inside the 'nest', there is a wall unit that is perfect for storing books, and dressers are also a plus.

Kristin and Ryan fell in love with the space, which offered them something most couples say is a must.

"I think the most important thing is the entertainment space and having a place where you can have friends over and hang," adds Kristin.

The living room is ideal, and Inson intentionally uses two of everything, reflecting the his and hers theme.

There is a private rooftop, and is also available to host dinner parties.

Most experts say 90 percent of couples expect to entertain once they're married.

LINK: www.bridesfirstlook.com/newlywednest