Light stealing thief caught on camera

April 22, 2010 8:29:25 PM PDT
The hard work of a mother and her two sons was ruined by a thief.

They put in a synthetic, green manicured lawn, punctuated by a dozen lights just last week.

It looked so nice during the daylight.

"I was upset for my kids because they did the work. They did it on their own," Ilyssa Decasperis said.

It looked good at night too.

Maybe that's why the driver of a Ford pickup stopped his truck, backed it up, and then casually walked into her yard.

He snatched two lights, and slowly walked back to his truck and drove away.

"It's like stupid on Staten Island," Decasperis said.

It's was so stupid, and she was so annoyed she decided to post surveillance video on YouTube.

It's called the Great Kills Light Thief.

She says the thief owes her $5.00 and a apology.

"I was annoyed because I just put all these in and they're gone already," her son, Joseph, said.

"I think it's funny. Someone is that pathetic to steal somebody's light," another son, Peter, said.

They were just solar power lights. You can buy them individually. When the sun goes down, the light turns on.

"It's not about the lights, I can get more lights. That isn't the issue here. This isn't your space. It's my space. Don't violate it," Decasperis said.

"If he steals, he may come back and steal another one," her neighbor, Vincent Donato, said.

But Descaperis just hopes he's embarrassed by the video, and never comes back again.