Young mother killed in hit and run

April 22, 2010 9:58:55 PM PDT
No need for words to describe what this family feeling.

You can see it in the victim's mother's eyes as she wipes away the tears brought on by the hit and run that claimed her daughter's life.

Her husband says the driver of the hit and run vehicle destroyed his family and took his granddaughter's mother.

The victim, Maria Pomavilla, was the mother of a 3-year old girl in Equador.

She was also a senior in high school and preparing to go to community college next fall.

As she was walking home at the intersection of Adams and Warwick last Saturday night, someone hit her and kept going.

Neighborhood residents say they want justice for the 17 year old and her family.

At the scene, there is a growing memorial with candles, flowers and notes.

From her friends and family we learned that on the night she was hit, she was coming home from work.

Her family says she was going to send the money she earned that night to her daughter.

She was going to school and working so that one day they would be reunited.