ATM skimmers targeting Bronx residents

April 23, 2010 2:53:31 PM PDT
High tech crooks are scamming ATM users -- stealing money from their accounts and they are getting more brazen with the technology.

It's happening in Bronx. The ATM scam has been the talk all over town.

"A bunch of people in the neighborhood had their money taken, unfortunately," Jennifer Hayes said.

The scary thing is it happened at branch ATMs at two banks: a Bank of America on Katonah Avenue in the Bronx and another one a few blocks away in Yonkers on McLean Avenue.

"My brother and brother-in-law had money taken out -- 800 and 600 dollars," Hayes said.

Sean Boyle's roommate had almost $2000 taken.

"He has $100 left to his name," Boyle said.

Police tell us all crooks need to steal your money is two things: your card number and PIN number. So they slip an electronic reader device over the card slot -- you can't even see it -- and once you dip your card in they have your number. Next they need your PIN, which they watch you key in from a tiny camera they install up above.

The thing is Bank of America has their own security cameras in the vestibule, which can catch people installing and then removing these devices.

Jessica Hernandez's husband saw 400 dollars disappear from their account over the weekend and called her to see what was up. She had her money back in two days because he caught it and contacted the bank immediately.

She says since it was a branch ATM that was hit, it was unnerving.

"We were actually very scared because when somebody gets all of your information, you get very scared. Is somebody watching you? What's going on? Were we the only people?" Hernandez said.