Surveillance: SUV plows into Paramus gas station

April 27, 2010 8:27:12 PM PDT
It was a close call for people inside of a gas station and convenience store in Paramus, New Jersey when an SUV came crashing through on Monday.It's business as usual now.

"It sounded like a bomb!" exclaimed store clerk, Juan Velasquez.

But Monday, was an entirely different story.

As an SUV plowed into a gas station on route 17 north in Paramus.

It was captured by the gas station's extensive network of surveillance cameras.

Shortly after 3:15pm in the afternoon, along with the clerks, there were several customers inside the gas station store.

Another camera angle showed the SUV pulling into a parking spot in front, but the problem was it didn't stop.

"We're lucky no one got hurt," said the gas station's owner, Levent Sertbas.

The surveillance video clearly showed the store clerk very scared with both hands on his head.

He says he's still recovering from a heart attack he had 11 months ago.

This certainly doesn't help his recovery.