Conn. connection to Times Sq. car bombing

May 3, 2010 8:30:24 PM PDT
The investigation into the car bombing stretches from Times Square where the SUV was found to Connecticut, where police followed leads on the owner of the Pathfinder and the stolen plates.On Sunday, Federal investigators descended on a used car dealership in Bridgeport.

Monday, it was the media's turn.

Second-generation owner-operator Tom Manis explained to reporters how joint terrorism task force members rousted him out of bed Sunday morning, and then escorted him to the dealership for a search through his files.

This after police noticed a Manis Motor Sales Dealership logo on the back of the Nissan Pathfinder in Times Square.

"A couple of records, files showed my customers and they immediately called those VIN numbers into the motor vehicles department yesterday morning. I think they found that my customers had resold the vehicle since then," said Tom Manis.

As authorities tracked the most recent owner of the vehicle, investigators pursued other leads.

They learned the rear Connecticut license plate on the Pathfinder actually came from a Ford pick-up truck located at an auto junkyard in Stratford.

Workers told Eyewitness News the business owner, Wayne LeBlanc, was not on site, adding he would have no comment.

Eyewitness News also got no answer at LeBlanc's home in Norwalk.

Lastly, Bridgeport police on Sunday monitored activity at this Highland Avenue house, reportedly the home of the Ford pick-up owner.

No one answered the door Monday.