Forensic investigation into car bomb components

May 3, 2010 2:54:23 PM PDT
Investigators say they are working on two trails of evidence in the Times Square car bombing. The SUV is being worked on by the Forensics Investigation Division.

There are also multiple components that are being traced.

The fact that they have this much evidence in the case is extremely rare, according to bomb experts.

The SUV was packed with several potentially explosive components and collectively, they could have had deadly consequences.

But when the small explosion fortunately did not ignite propane and gasoline, it left forensic experts with a treasure trove of evidence to trace.

"The forensics on this are an absolute homerun," said bomb expert, Kevin Barry.

Kevin Barry has spent 20 years in the NYPD's Bomb Unit, investigating dozens of explosive situations.

"It's dusted. They take DNA on it. They take photographs. They do wiring diagrams. You will see the whole gamete on this," explained Barry.

Three grill sized propane tanks, fireworks, 2.5 gallon gas containers, two alarm clocks, and fertilizer was all packed inside a gun locker.

"By the fact that he used all these different products like propane and gasoline, he put effort into it. He did research. He put effort into it. He has duel firing systems with two circuits so he put a lot of effort into it," expressed Barry.

The bomber used everyday products, some of which, experts add, can be easily traced through serial numbers.

"This individual tried to jerry-rig products that are readily available," said NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

"The only thing he didn't leave behind is his wallet," joked Barry.