Times Square bomb plot: other targets?

May 4, 2010 3:11:32 PM PDT
Investigators have reason to believe the suspect in the Times Square failed bomb plot also had sinister plans for New York City's public transportation system. A hand drawn map was found on a Metro-North train bound for Connecticut. It is possible the suspect, Faisal Shahzad, was using the map to case the city. The map shows the 4, 5 and 6 subway lines and includes the Staten Island Ferry and the Bowling Green subway stop.

Harlem commuter Michael Braxton wondered why there wasn't a police presence at the Bowling Green subway station, "There should be more. There should be more right now. You see how it is right now there's nobody here. Something could happen here."

Even though Eyewitness News didn't see uniformed police officers, surveillance cameras were rolling. Also, keep in mind police change their security package everyday to stay unpredictable. Investigators are out everyday tracking leads, following tips and building cases.

Security expert Nicolas Casale said, "New York is the number one terrorist location. They're determined on attacking New York City."

But Casale says more can be done to protect the city, "There is no protective shield for the underwater tunnels. No ballistic liners. There are no sensors. The cameras are about 50 percent installed and it's questionable how many of those are working. There are no flood gates. Somebody has to hold these people responsible whether it's Washington, whether it's Albany, whether it's the mayor of New York City. Something has to be done."

As city, state, and federal leaders work on tools and resources, law enforcement is reaching out to New Yorkers to keep a look out.

"I always keep my eyes open to see if there is any unusual thing going on," Lower East Side resident Stella Maba said.

Prospect Heights Resident Tim O'Neill said, "There are always cops now. They're checking bags now at random. There are definitely more cops."