SoHo fire caused by overloaded power strip

May 5, 2010 1:10:07 PM PDT
A fire in a SoHo apartment building that injured 2 residents and two firefighters, was apparently caused by an overloaded powerstrip. The fire broke out on the top floor of the 7 story building on Crosby Street around 8:37pm on Tuesday.

Firefighters say when they arrived the fire had burned through the roof and filled the top three floors with flames.

The 2 residents and 2 firefighters were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Fire marshals determined the fire was caused by large appliances plugged into a power strip.

FDNY fire marshals, as well as the Fire Safety Education unit, are urging all New Yorkers to never plug large-draw electrical appliances - such as televisions, air conditioners, clothes dryers, refrigerators and freezers - into power strips and extension cords.

These types of appliances require a lot of energy, which easily can cause power strips or extension cords to overheat, melt or ignite.