NYPD officer charged for role in trafficking ring

Emmanuel Tavarez

May 6, 2010 7:11:50 AM PDT
A veteran NYPD officer was charged with being part of a gang of narcotics traffickers who posed as police officers to deal more than a million dollars of cocaine, many times stealing it from other dealers. Authorities say 30-year-old Emmanuel Tavarez was charged with aiding the gang of drug dealers believed responsible for more than 100 armed robberies of narcotics traffickers.

Tavarez, an eight-year veteran currently assigned to the NYPD's Housing Bureau Viper Unit in Queens, is accused of using his status as a police officer to obtain NYPD raid jackets and other NYPD paraphernalia and equipment for the crew so they could commit police impersonation robberies.

He also personally participated in robberies that netted thousands of dollars in cash and hundreds of kilograms of cocaine with a wholesale value estimated at more than $1 million, according to a criminal complaint.

Police say investigators recovered firearms, handcuffs, counterfeit law enforcement badges and Miranda warning cards, pepper spray, police-style radios, plastic tie-wrap handcuffs, gloves, duct tape and a wooden club during the investigation of the gang.