Cop grazed in shootout after gas station robbery

May 10, 2010 2:42:02 PM PDT
Police are looking for two gunmen who opened fire on a police officer during a gas station robbery in Wayne, New Jersey. Police say that two men wearing masks and carrying semi automatic handguns stormed a Exxon station just after midnight.

A brave Wayne police officer managed to chase them out, even after they shot him.

Sam Warrell is grateful that his 38-year-old son Brian is alive. The Wayne police officer was centimeters away from death, after two gas station robbers shot him in the head. The bullet grazed his scalp. The injury was so minor, Officer Warrell is already home from the hospital.

"To me it's the best Mother's Day I could have had," said Arlene Warell, the officers mother.

Officer Warell arrived at the Route 23 Exxon station early Monday as the robbery was in progress. The two masked suspects came out of the store carrying stolen cigarettes and cash and told Officer Warrell to drop his gun. Worrell ignored them, took cover behind his patrol car, and was shot twice. With blood streaming from his head, the 14 year veteran chased the suspects up Packanack Lake Road. They escaped and Officer Warrell was put in an ambulance where he made a call to his father, a retired Paterson police officer.

"I wanted to call you first and tell you I've been shot but I'm alright you could tell in his voice how scared he was," said Sam.

Police have not released surveillance video of the hold-up. Eyewitnesses told police they were herded into a back office at gunpoint. One employee was pistol-whipped as he tried to fight back.