Budget problems could mean more mosquitoes

May 13, 2010 2:30:53 PM PDT
The warmer weather is bringing back concerns about mosquitoes, but budget cuts in Rockland County have some people concerned mosquito season could be bad this year, because officials won't be out as much trying to control the problem. The bad economy is potentially good for mosquitoes.

Marilyn and Larry Arnold who've been in Rockland County for 15 years say they're worried about the West Nile Virus.

"This is a health hazard not something you need to save money on," said Larry Arnold.

But Rockland County, pinched by less money coming from the state, has decided to delay treating catch basins like two right in front of the Arnold home.

There are tens of thousands of basins not being treated for mosquitoes right now.

"Due to budgetary constraints the County hopes to have a scaled down version of it's mosquito control program in place and operational by June," the county said in a statement.

That may be a big problem, says bug expert Doug McHale. "It all starts from here these basins? This is the Grand Hotel of mosquitoes right here," he said.

And those are the very spots he says you cannot ignore.

Combine county budget cuts with the rain and heat so far and McHale says it's why his company has seen a giant jump in pest control business.

McHale says best advice is try to get rid of standing water, treat birdbaths with bug-killing donuts and use bug spray.

Hiring a pro to treat your yard would cost about $300 for the next 5 months.