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May 14, 2010 10:03:03 PM PDT
It was a terrible end to a glorious spring break. A man's treasured truck, trusted to a parking lot close to Newark Liberty International Airport, suddently stolen, then damaged and dumped. Spring 2009, Tibor Karakas and his two friends were all smiles on his Aruba vacation. But when he came back to Jersey? "There was no truck, no vehicle."

Tibor's prized 4 X 4 was stolen from this EZ-Way Parking lot.

"They found the truck 2 weeks later in Wayne (New Jersey). And there was close to $9,000 worth of damage to the truck," said Tibor.

Police never found who did it. Tibor's insurance company covered the loss and, Tibor says, the parking lot promised to pay reimburse him his rental car and out of pocket charges.

"They would always say 'Yes, yes, we got your fax. We got your email. We got your receipt. We'll mail out your check.' But they never did," said Tibor.

So, Tibor took EZ-Way Parking to court, asking for more than $3,800. But nobody from the lot showed, and a judge awarded Tibor $2400. Tibor isn't alone.

Last March, 7 On Your Side brought you the story of Richard Smith. His car was crashed by an attendant in a lot just 6 miles away from EZ-Way, run by the very same owner.

The lot owner fixed the car. But, like Tibor, never paid his rental car bill, $1,500.

But after a visit from Tappy Phillips, Richard got a payment in full, just hours later.

Mr. Karakas waited for one year, still no check from EZ Way Parking. so he called on 7 On Your Side. And after one call from us?

Just a few days later, Tibor went back to the scene of the crime, to pick up his check for $2410.

The owner issued a statement saying he was a victim too. And that EZ Way didn't show in court because it wasn't aware of Tibor's lawsuit. But Passaic courts say EZ Way did know. In fact a EZ Way Parking rep even signed a document showing it was served properly.

In North Elizabeth, Nina Pineda, Channel 7 Eyewitness News.


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