NYPD officer charged with sexual misconduct

May 18, 2010 3:43:06 PM PDT
A New York City police officer was charged Tuesday with violating the civil rights of three women through sexual misconduct. Authorities say detective Oscar Sandino, a 13-year veteran of the NYPD who was assigned to the Queens North Narcotics Bureau from June 2006 until March 2008, arrested a woman and her boyfriend on drug distribution charges in 2008 following the execution of a search warrant at their apartment. During the arrest, Sandino allegedly forced the victim to undress in front of him in the bedroom of the apartment.

Later, at the precinct, authorities say Sandino told the victim that she was going to jail and would lose her children unless she had sex with him. When the victim went to the restroom at the precinct, prosecutors say Sandino followed her inside and made her perform oral sex.

The complaint goes on to say that upon the victim's release from custody, Sandino told her that he expected her to have sex with him at a later time. Thereafter, Sandino allegedly called the victim on numerous occasions.

The victim subsequently reported Sandino's misconduct to NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau, which began an investigation. In March 2008, Sandino was removed from active duty.

As further alleged in the government's court filings, Sandino engaged in similar misconduct in the summer of 2006 in connection with the arrest of another drug dealer. On that occasion, prosecutors say Sandino coerced a female cousin of the drug dealer to engage in sex acts with him based on threats he made concerning the lengthy prison sentence faced by the drug dealer.

More recently, in September 2009, Sandino allegedly engaged in lewd sexual behavior in front of a female arrestee and then forced her to raise her shirt to expose her upper body.

Sandino has been charged with three misdemeanor counts. If convicted of all counts, he faces a maximum sentence of three years in prison.