School budgets up for vote on Long Island

May 18, 2010 3:44:54 PM PDT
Voters on Long Island are at the polls Tuesday, deciding on school budgets and the state's financial crisis. School budgets are up for vote on Long Island, and could have an impact on children's futures.

In Glen Cove students were in the middle if an average school day. But what they don't know is that the budget vote is looming and if it doesn't pass it could impact major things like classroom size and extracurricular activities.

The tough part is getting that message to taxpayers.

To make matters worse district officials estimate losing generally $900,000 in state aide.

Glen Cove's budget is $72 million up $2 million from last year.

District officials have already laid off 10 teachers and another 18 positions will be eliminated if the budget doesn't pass.

Teachers refused to take a pay freeze and that doesn't sit well with taxpayers

In Port Washington parents are a bit more optimistic. Teachers agreed to take a zero percent increase for the first year of their contract. But there are no guarantees.