Calls for justice Peekskill attack

May 19, 2010 1:47:44 PM PDT
There are new calls for justice in Peekskill following the vicious attack of an Ecuadorian man.

Julio Serrano, 40, was the victim of a vicious beating last weekend in Peekskill. He remained in a coma on Wednesday.

Serrano, an Ecuadorian immigrant, was walking on Nelson Avenue early Saturday morning when he was initially confronted and punched.

Surveillance video shows Serrano, 40, walking into a courtyard holding his face. He staggers up a set of steps and sits down. Seconds later he hears the group approaching and tries to flee inside a building. The suspects race into the courtyard and follow him in.

Serrano was blocked by a locked door. Within ten seconds the suspects emerge, police say after they punched, kicked and stomped the victim.

Serrano is in a coma, with skull and rib fractures. A kidney was removed on Monday. Police have arrested three suspects: 23-year old Jarron Sligh, 23-year old Ronnie Juett and 18-year old Keith Walker.

A fourth suspect is being sought. Police say the group may have been involved in two other assaults the same night.

Representatives from the Ecuadorian consulate met with the Serrano family Tuesday. They are trying to secure an emergency visa allowing Serrano's mother to visit. In the meantime, they wonder if this should be treated as a hate crime.

As of now the suspects are charged with gang assault, but not a hate crime.

It's a very serious case, says Serrano's sister. She said today it's her brother, tomorrow it could be someone else.