97 puppy mill dogs up for adoption

May 18, 2010 3:49:50 PM PDT
Dozens of dogs have arrived on Long Island after they were rescued from puppy mills in the Midwest. Now the dogs are looking for homes.

They came from mills in Missouri and Nebraska and arrived in Port Washington on Tuesday.

97 puppies and dogs are all getting settled into their new homes at the North Shore Animal League.

It's more loving at the shelter with the helpful volunteers than where they had been.

"The vast majority of them would have been put down, put to sleep, or sold at auction," said Joanne Yohannan, the Sr. Vice President of Operations at the North Shore Animal League.

The dogs were taken to Clarksville, Tennessee, where James Gleason brought them up in a rescue unit, and then they made the 18-hour trip to Port Washington.

"It's more hands on. We can feed them, water them, keep them hydrated. We can also interact with them," said Gleason.

When the dogs arrived they went to one of three places: quarantine, the groomers, or for a medical evaluation.

"Everybody will be examined, brought up to date on their shots, had their temperament evaluated, and be prepared for adoption," Yohannan said.

The dogs seemed to just keep coming in through the doors.

Two larger sheep dogs needed some closer attention for their matted coats, so they could be spruced up for some new owners.

"They are shopping less and adopting more. So we are seeing a cultural change," Yohannan said.

Most of the puppies will be available for adoption starting this weekend.

If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs or puppies please contact the North Shore Animal League at: 25 Davis Avenue, Port Washington, NY (516) 883-7575 or www.nsalamerica.org.