Landlord in Jersey City bomb plot held on $500,000 bond

May 18, 2010 3:59:15 PM PDT
A landlord from Jersey City accused of planting a homemade bomb in his own building is being held on half-a-million dollars bail. Milan Bolich appeared in court by video from the Hudson County jail Tuesday morning for a bail hearing on several charges.

What started as a landlord tenant dispute weeks ago turned into an attempted bombing and evacuation Monday at 451 Palisades Avenue.

Bolich is accused of making a crude gas canister bomb, linking it with wires to a lighting fixture and the door at the pizza shop in the building he owns. He's then accused of cutting the gas lines to cause an explosion. An attempt, police say, to make the pizza shop owner, Domenic Oberto, look like the culprit. It turns out both were due in court on Monday to face charges against each other.

Bolich's attorney says his client was evicting Oberto for several months of unpaid rent and their relationship only got worse.

The bomb squad and ATF agents dismantled the bomb. Police say they found evidence in Bolich's van linking him to the device. The prosecutor asked for $500,000 cash bail for Bolich. The judge granted the bail and an order for tenant and landlord to stay away from each other.