Cat burglaries in Wyckoff, New Jersey

May 18, 2010 3:55:30 PM PDT
A series of early morning burglaries Monday happened in Wyckoff in homes with unlocked doors and open windows. All three break-ins took place within a half mile radius.

The victims didn't make the burglar work very hard, they all left their cars and homes unsecured.

A series of residential break-ins in upscale Franklin Lakes and Wyckoff, New Jersey hasn't changed Ken's trusting habits.

When his pricey Mercedes coupe is parked in his driveway, he leaves the keys inside.

"It's just a nice safe place to live, I leave my keys in the car and I don't want to say where I live because I don't lock my house either," Ken said.

Ken (who's last name we aren't releasing) isn't alone.

Three people were burglarized early Monday, all of whom left either their cars or homes unsecured.

The family who lives in one home on Poplar Road in Wyckoff had their BMW stolen out of their driveway while they slept.

The homeowner isn't sure if he left his keys in the car, or if the burglars climbed into his house through an unlocked window to take them.

"A cat burglar could run into someone in the middle of the night and we don't want to know what would happen if that happened," said Chief Benjamin Fox of the Wyckoff Police Department.

Also on Monday, the woman who lives in a house on Clinton Street had her purse stolen out of her kitchen while she slept.

Police believe the burglar climbed in through an open window, and returned the purse, with the cash missing, to the woman's unlocked car later that day.

Finally, on Packer Avenue in Franklin Lakes, another woman had her purse stolen after she left her front door unlocked overnight.

"In this community people are v trusting because everyone is friends with everyone, its kind of old fashioned," Ivy Nazzaro said.

Police are cautioning residents that by leaving their homes and cars unlocked, they are vulnerable to crimes of opportunity.

"Anything can happen at any time," Fox said.

Police are investigating the break-ins, but have not made any arrests.