Warning of cop impersonators after home invasion

May 19, 2010 2:14:58 PM PDT
A person was tied up by men posing as police officers during a home invasion in Clifton early Wednesday.Police say the 48-year-old victim was in his townhouse when he heard a knock at the door around 1:45 a.m.

He opened the door to find three men who claimed to be Clifton police officers responding to a call of a woman screaming. The victim said one of the men had a gold star-type badge on a chain hanging around his neck, which Clifton police officials say is unlike the ones they wear.

The victim let the man inside, where he was ordered to the ground. Police say they tied him up with zip ties, went through his belongings and took his wallet and a $9,000 diamond-encrusted watch.

As they kept going through his stuff, the victim reportedly lied to the robbers and claimed he was having heart attack, prompting them to run off.

Officials say there was a similar incident recently in Clifton and over the past several weeks throughout North Bergen and Secaucus. Police believe they are connected.

The victim was able to free himself and call police. He was treated for minor injuries.

No arrests were immediately made.