Would you leave your child alone at the park?

May 19, 2010 2:40:08 PM PDT
A Queens mother, who has made headlines before, wants parents to send their kids to the park alone this weekend. She's on a crusade against over-protective parents.

It's an idea that instantly gets a strong reaction, thought up by a woman who is used to stirring things up.

Lenore Skenazy raised eyebrows two years ago when she allowed her 9 year old son to take the subway home alone.

Now what's she encouraging parents to do, is not only extreme, but against the law.

This Saturday she's encouraging parents to bring their kids, children 7 years or older, to their neighborhood parks and then have the adults, leave.

She suggests taking a 15 minute stroll, or maybe getting some coffee.

"Hopefully they will have to entertain themselves for a short amount of time, have to bounce a call, draw with chalk, meet a friend and start playing tag because these are the things that are crucial to childhood, not to mention fun," Skenazy said.

Lenore says nowadays parents are far too over protective with their kids.

She says children then end up spending to much time in front of the TV or playing video games.

She hopes her idea will bring back the notion of community and in the process, improve kids' social skills and build their self confidence.

"In fact, who are the safe kids, from bullies and predators, the safest kids are confident kids," Skenazy said.

Defense Attorney, Ron Kuby, not only thinks Lenore's master plan is outrageous, but pointed out, it's against the law.

"The parents are going to be looking for bail money, you can't legally leave an 8 year old alone, it constitutes child endangerment even if nothing happens," Kuby said.