Battle over controversial license plate

May 19, 2010 5:07:33 PM PDT
A woman from New Jersey is in an ugly fight to keep her personalized license plate.The state is now trying to revoke the plate because of the controversial word printed on it.

Friendly people say hello to Kim Romano of Manville, New Jersey, all the time.

"Yo Bioch!" someone yelled.

You see, they call her that because it's on her license plate!

It's a term, which of course is slang for a curse word.

The 49 year old has had her vanity license plate for four years.

But now, the state wants it back after a retired police officer complained to the motor vehicle commission saying, 'I really don't think that anyone at the MVC knowingly approved it.'

Wrong! Says Romano, because in 2006, in her own disbelief, she called Trenton to make sure it was OK and she talked to very same person who two weeks ago, informed her the term was now considered 'objectionable.'

"She goes, 'we know what it means.' And then she goes, 'Congratulations. You are the first bioch in New Jersey and you just opened the door for bioch 01 to 99,'" Romano said.

That's also why Romano doesn't understand the explanation from a motor vehicle spokesperson who told Eyewitness News, 'language is ever changing and evolving, especially in pop-culture. While a word may mean nothing today, it could have some sort of negative connotation years later.'

Controversy aside, Eyewitness News asked Romano, does the name fit the person?

"People who know me, know I can be. But most of the time, I can be a pretty nice person," Romano said.

"Whatever", is the new vanity plate the commission just approved for Kim Romano, 'whaever' missing the 't', so it's kind of like the old one.