Newburgh cancels annual Memorial Day parade

The News Leader

May 21, 2010 3:20:40 PM PDT
The city of Newburgh has a rich military history, and a tradition of parades honoring its war heroes. But this memorial day, there won't be a march down Broadway. No one will be lining the sidewalks.

For the first time since anyone can remember the city's Memorial Day parade, and only parade of the year has been called off.

Veterans groups which organized the event have decided not to participate.

It's not because of poor attendance, nor is it because of budget cuts.

The mayor says the veteran's cancelled because the group is aging. Membership is dwindling, but veterans say that's not the case at all. They say the problem is The parade itself: it's become too festive

Dave McTamaney has marched in Newburgh's parades since he was a Boy Scout. He says solemn ceremonies at Washington's headquarters and at a memorial he helped build will still be held.

Not everyone agrees the parade had become too much of a party. They want the parade to continue.

City officials say they hope an agreement can be reached to bring the parade back next year.