Housekeeper charged in NJ jewelry thefts

Kinda Malkowska

May 21, 2010 3:15:47 PM PDT
A 27 year old house cleaner is accused of stealing from at least five homes in several New Jersey communities. Police now want to know if things were stolen from other homes where she worked.

"I have diamonds. They were all left. She took the gold. It's quick cash," Antoinette Gangi said.

She is Kinga Malkowska, the daughter of Gangi's longtime housekeeper. Malkowska was arrested, accused of stealing from several Bergen County homes police say she helped her mother clean, unloading the loot in Manhattan.

She was taking the jewelry and selling it in the Washington Heights section at a pawn shop," Detective John DeVoe said.

Gangi even once confronted mother and daughter about her missing pieces.

"She says she didn't do it. Her mother was crying. I felt bad," Gangi said.

We went to Malkowska's Saddle Brook home. Her mother answered the door, but Kinga stayed behind it.

"I have a cleaning service," Malkowska said.

When we asked if her daughter was arrested?

"What? I was not arrested," she said.

But one next door neighbor says he was a victim too.

"This is the 20-thousand dollar watch she sold for 200 in Washington Heights," Abdul Souda said.

Souda says after the last of about three break-ins, he had had enough.

"I called police at midnight. They were here for hours taking fingerprints, and found they were hers and got a warrant for her arrest," he said.

River Vale police have a warning for anyone who has used the family's cleaning service.

"Check your jewelry boxes. Take inventory. Check before you hire someone," DeVoe said.

Malkowska is the only person charged in the thefts.

She was charged with three counts of theft and released pending a June 1 court date. She is employed by independent cleaning contractor Grazyna "Gina" Sapinski.

The River Vale Police Department encourages anyone who believes that they have been victimized to contact their local authorities.