New picture of Maddox after life-changing surgery

Two-and-a-half-year-old Maddox Flynn being cradled by his mother as he recovers from life-changing surgery.

May 22, 2010 2:29:52 PM PDT
Two-and-a-half-year-old Maddox Flynn continues his recovery Saturday from life-changing surgery. There is a new picture of Maddox being cradled by his mother in the recovery room.

On Friday, doctors at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital removed the lymphatic mass that completely engulfed the left side of his face.

This after doctors in Maddox' native Canada said there was nothing they could do.

But his parents' perseverance led them to St. Luke's Roosevelt, where doctors assured them they could perform the surgery.

Maddox is a bundle of energy and joy who was unaffected by the growth on his face. He was born with it, and it continued to grow throughout his short life.

On the family's Facebook page, they wrote on Friday, "Well, what a day!!! Maddox had a success surgery and is in ICU recovering safe and sound. Maddox will have a drainage tube for the next few days helping him out with the recovery process. Maddox will have a world of support when he wakes up to see his mother and grandmother are there to greet him as well. Tomorrow he will also be greeted by more supportive family members. God bless and thank you so much for your on going support, love, prayers, donations and continued love."

Maddox's parents received more than $214,000 in donations from people and organizations to help foot the bill to travel here and pay for the surgery.

The donations have exceeded the expectations of the family. They have consulted a lawyer who is now handling the trust fund.

The family's plan is to use the money for any complications that may arise from Maddox's condition in the short-term. And if there is any excess money, the family wants to start a foundation to help other families dealing with similar situations.

Following Friday's surgery, Maddox will also have to go back for a second surgery that is booked for September. That surgery will reconstruct the lower part of his face.


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