Police search for killer on Long Island

May 24, 2010 3:45:00 PM PDT
Police on Long Island are trying to solve a murder mystery after a hard working father was gunned down. It happened moments after he arrived at work at a construction site in Lake Ronkonkoma. Police say 51-year-old Ray Hirt, a construction flagman, had just checked in at his employer's trailer on Portion Road just before 7:00am on Monday.

"This was his normal routine. Check in, go to his car, wait to get his post," said Lt. Gerald Palkofsky from the Suffolk County Police Department.

"One shot was fired, hit him in the neck, left side, causing this severe injury," Lt. Palkofsky added.

Coworkers desperately tried to help him and called 911. Hirt was rushed to the hospital but three hours later he died. What mystifies police and friends is motive.